Somalia – A growing African hub for Startups

Somali founders and businessmen are rapidly turning the cities of Mogadishu, Garowe and Hargeisa into tech hubs filled with incubators and accelerators creating popular apps and platforms that allow for the purchase and dispatch of products or services in a more convenient way.

These tech companies have begun transforming the lives of ordinary people in Somalia, a country where 70% of the adult population uses a mobile on a regular basis, one of the highest percentages on the continent.

In the realm of E-Commerce, many new online shopping platforms such as Saami-Online, ZiQQi and Muraadso, have sprung up, while Gulivery has successfully established a third party delivery service that is currently expanding across the country and the wider region.

The Fintech, Healthcare and AgriTech sectors have also seen a significant boost with Somali entrepreneurs finding ways to improve traditional methods or provide new and better systems. ZAAD and EVC Plus for example are popular mobile money platforms, while OGOW EMR and SolarGen have carved out a niche in the healthcare and agricultural sectors.

An annual gathering of Somali software developers, entrepreneurs, government officials and Angel Investors is known as The Mogadishu Tech Summit, a forum where new startups can pitch their ideas and prototypes to potential investors from across the country and the world.


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