Somalia secures $64 million in Infrastructure Development grants for Kismayo and Baidoa

The African Development Bank Group’s Board of Directors on 19 July 2019 approved grants of $28.86 million for water and sanitation and roads projects designed to improve livelihoods in Somalia and boost the East African country’s resilience.

The grants, consisting of $11.99 million from the Bank’s Transition States Facility (TSF) for an urban water and sanitation project for the Kismayo and Baidoa towns, and $16.86 million for the rehabilitation of roads, underscore sustained efforts by the Bank Group, especially the African Development Fund (ADF), to tackle fragility in the Horn of Africa.

Of the total $28.86 million, the Italian Cooperation contributed $5.22 million through the TSF, split into $1.57 million for the water and sanitation project and $3.66 million for the roads project.

The Kismayo-Baidoa water supply and sanitation project will boost access to potable water, improved sanitation and strengthen capacity for related delivery services in Jubbaland and South West states of Somalia. The Road Infrastructure Project is expected to enhance connectivity through rehabilitation of some 247 km of roads, in addition to the construction of a new 100 km feeder road.

The European Commission is also providing a grant of $47.11 million for the road infrastructure project, giving a total $63.97 million that will be invested under this program. – READ MORE

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